Commercial Break

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Around 4:45AM on Wednesday 04/08/15 patrol officers were dispatched to a commercial burglary alarm at the Turnpike Cafe on Route 138. As the first responding officer arrived on scene, he observed a vehicle pulling out the parking lot and then noticed a broken glass door and signs of an obvious break.


Officers conducted a motor vehicle stop of the car seen driving away from the break and after an investigation, officers arrested Michael Aiguier, age 30, of Dorchester. Aiguier was transported to Canton Police Headquarters where he was charged with B&E Building during the Nighttime, Possession of Burglarious Instruments and Larceny over $250.


Officers investigated the possibility that another individual had been involved but were unable to locate him/her at the time. Later Wednesday morning around 11:30AM, officers were dispatched to the area of Wayside Lane after a resident reported seeing what she described as a suspicious individual walking in the area.  (Wayside Lane lies to the east of the Turnpike Cafe and the two are separated by a large swampy/wetland area.)


Responding officers were able to locate the individual who was dressed in dark colored clothing and appeared unsteady on his feet. He was covered in mud and completely wet from the knees down. After initially misleading the officers as to his name he was eventually identified as Dennis Mahony, age 35, of Brookline.


After an investigation, Mr. Mahony was placed under arrest on a multitude of charges including 3 prexisting warrants and six felony charges relating to the break in at the Turnpike Cafe. He was also found to be in possession of items that had been stolen from the Turnpike. Following his arrest he was transported to the hospital for possible hypothermia where he was treated and later released back into police custody.


Great job by all of the officers involved as well as to the citizen who reported the suspicious person. Remember: If you see something, say something!


                     MAHONY                                                AIGUIER                                                   



***Meda Note***

Please do NOT call dispatch with any inquires. Email either Deputy Chief Helena Rafferty @ or Officer Rob Quirk @


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