Metropolis Rink Collapse

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As has been well publicized in the media, there have been several roof collapses in Canton over the past few weeks. The most recent incident occurred this morning around 7:15AM when police and fire department personnel were dispatched to the Metropolis Rink after a 911 call came in reporting a roof collapse. Upon arrival emergency personnel confirmed with the coaching staff of Norwood Nuggets Youth Hockey that all of their players and staff were safe and accounted for. The roof has obviously suffered significant damage and the rink will be closed for the foreseeable future. Please consult with your individual hockey programs to ascertain alternative arrangements which include hockey programs from Canton, Norwood, Westwood and the Blue Hills Regional High School.


Although we do want people to clear their roofs, we plead with you to exercise extreme caution. In addition to the roof collapses we have responded to several falls during roof clearing operations one of which resulted in a fatality.


If you believe your roof is in experiencing structural failure, evacuate the residence or place of business immediately and call 911. If you are in an office or industrial building pull the nearest fire alarm and exit as quickly as possible. We are truly fortunate that nobody was injured in this morning's collapse. The Norwood coaching staff did an outstanding job of getting their players out of harm's way.



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