Where can I seek help for domestic violence?

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Domestic crimes include all offenses committed against family members, spouses and ex-spouses, roommates, and romantic partners and ex-romantic partners.  Domestic violence is not just synonymous with dating violence and spousal abuse.  It can also encompass violence between siblings, parents and children, stepparents and stepchildren, foster-parents and foster-children, and other family members.  Abuse crosses age, race, class, religious, sexual orientation and gender barriers. 


Violence comes in many different forms.  There is this wide spread illusion that violence only involves hitting, punching, grabbing, etc.  There are other forms of violence as well.  Aside from physical abuse, there is verbal abuse, psychological / emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. 


Several support services are available to these families.  Examples include Social Services who assist with counseling and / or relief alternatives, Domestic Advocates from the courts who assist with any legal action and / or questions, and several Hot-Line Numbers for all needs.  We support the state's motto of "Working together to provide support and resources".


Domestic abuse generally gets worse and the cycle of abuse occurs more frequently when victims do not seek help.  There is help available, either through contacting the Canton Police Department at (781) 828-1212, the District Attorney's Officer (781) 830-4800, or through one of the following local battered women's shelters:

            - Dove (Domestic Violence Ended)         1-888-314-3683

            - New Hope                                             1-800-323-4673

            - Fenway Community Health                   1-800-834-3242
             (Same sex domestic violence) 

            - National Domestic Violence Hotline      1-800-799-7233
              TTT / TDD                                              1-800-787-3224


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